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SETAC Media Policy

Media representatives are cordially invited to attend SETAC North America meetings. Meeting registration is free for credentialed journalists. Please contact to register.

SETAC’s media policy is designed to ensure a professional forum in which presenters and other meeting registrants can discuss science-based issues freely and in which their concerns about proprietary research data and other information is acknowledged and respected. It is further designed to ensure a forum in which journalists and other media representatives can gather the information they need to deliver factual reporting.

How can SETAC serve you as a media representative?

  • By keeping you posted through updated press releases and news updates
  • By providing you with photos, videos or other supporting files when available
  • By helping you arrange interviews with SETAC officers, members and presenters before or at the meeting

In return, we expect you to:

  • Wear your media badge, and identify yourself as a member of the press when you attend presentations or talk with any group or individual
  • Obtain permission from the Executive Director of SETAC North America, Greg Schiefer, and from the subject presenters or meeting registrants before you film, tape or otherwise record any activity or interview at this event
  • Respect a presenter’s or meeting participant’s choice to talk with you or to decline

Any media representative who sells, markets or represents a company for purposes of obtaining advertising or subscriptions from any exhibitor or registrant will immediately forfeit press credentials for this and subsequent meetings.